Estimated Car Maintenance Cost by Car Type


Car maintenance cost is often overlooked especially when buying a car. What people don’t realise is that car maintenance is an important part of buying a car and it is something that you should make a research on when buying one because if you ignore it, you might end up paying more on your maintenance cost than you did on the cat itself.

Granted that each car is different based on the year, make and how well it is being taken care of. However, we do have a few insights on how much approximately vehicle maintenance is going to cost based on its car type.

Complimentary Services

If you are buying a new car, you are more likely to get a few complimentary car services – which means that you will not have to pay any maintenance cost for the first few years granted that you follow their requirements precisely.

Volkswagen, for example, has a 3 year free services every 15,000km for brand new purchases. After that, it can cause anywhere between RM 700-900 per service depending on the model.

It is also important to note that service fees will increase by around 10-15% as the years go by.

Local Make and Models

There’s a good reason why Malaysians love their local cars – for its cheap price and its cheap maintenance cost. A Perodua Axia, for example, will set you back around RM140-200 for its service fee which is usually done every 6 months or 10,000km whereas the new Myvi 1.3 would cost you around RM177.

The Proton Saga, on the other hand, will cost you around RM120 every six months on maintenance fee whereas the new Proton X70 will cost you around RM280 every six months.

Japanese Make and Models

Japanese cars are typically more expensive in service fee compared to local cars. The maintenance cost for a Honda Civic, for example, starts at RM 216.50 for its first 10,000km or 6 months and the price gradually increases for about RM50 from there on after.

Toyota does things a little differently by offering their customers a maintenance package where they can save money. For those who purchase a Hilux, they can get 4 Basic checks, 3 advanced checks and another extra check for those on diesel for a total of RM2117 as of July 2019.

European Make and Models

When we think about European make and models we think about luxury cars like BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen and well if you want to own luxury cars, you have to be prepared to spend a hefty price on its maintenance cost.

Mercedes offers 2 types of care packages for its customers. The first one, eligible for A, B, and C-class owners are priced at RM2588 for 12 months (2 services – RM1294 per service) and the second one eligible for E-class and S-class from around RM2600 to RM3200 for 12 months. BMWs, on the other hand, is known to have a high maintenance cost – higher than Mercedes however it does offer free services for the first 5 years if you buy the car brand new.

With all these maintenance costs in mind, which car are you prepared to pay for?


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