Tips on getting through Immigration at Singapore and Thailand’s Customs Via Car

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If you are one of those people who travel with a lot of friends and family members then you know that opting to drive to Thailand and Singapore is probably the cheaper option. Not only does it let you save money on transportation, but you will also have a vehicle to rely on when travelling within foreign countries.

The least favourite part, however, is getting through customs. Unlike the airport where all you need is your passport, there are a few things that you need to have in order for you to get your car through Customs. Here are some tips to help you go through it without a hitch:

Prepare the necessary documents

 Technically speaking you are bringing in a foreign car into their country so of course, Singapore and Thailand will need some documents for the car. We already know that each person entering another country will need to have their passport on them but what documents do you need for your car?

It might differ between Singapore and Thailand but here is a few documents they have in common: You need a proof of ownership of the car and if the car belongs to someone else (like your mom or dad) you will need a photocopied IC of the Owner and a form filled up that says the owner is aware of the car being driven by you. You will also need a copy of the car insurance, car road-tax and a valid driving license that is recognisable in both countries (Malaysian Driving License is valid).

If you are crossing the Thailand border and the vehicle grant is a photocopy version, you will need a stamp from the Malaysian Police to verify that the document is authentic.

This may all seem like a lot of work but if you miss out even one document, you won’t be getting your car in.

Prepare Enough Cash to Pay for any necessary permit

If you are entering Thailand then you will need to purchase the Compulsory Motor Insurance (CMI) near the border. It typically cost RM20 for 9 days.

In Singapore, it is compulsory for you to pay for the Vehicle Entrance Permit (VEP) that typically cost $35 a day however in some situation it can be waived. Singapore also needs you to pay for an Autopass Card – which is what they use for their parking system. Each Autopass is registered to one card so if you have 3 cars and you think you can share, think again. To be safe, we suggest you have enough foreign cash to make the transaction.

You should also note that Thailand allows you to drive your car for 30days from the date of entrance while Singapore only allows 14 days.

Keep Your Car Clean

Singapore wants to keep their country clean so if your car is not up to their standard, you may be denied entry. Thailand, on the other hand, doesn’t really care as much. What they do care about however is what you are bringing into their country. At each immigration, your car will be thoroughly checked so it is important that you avoid bringing items that are prohibited. For example, Singapore doesn’t allow you to bring in chewing gums and more than 2 packets of cigarettes (one of which needs to already be opened.)

That being said, check their immigration online if you have any doubts on the items you are intending on bringing in and most importantly, obey by the laws.


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