Take Instagram-worthy photos with Your Car Using These Tips

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A car is often a man (and woman)’s pride and joy so of course we would like to showcase it on our social media account – namely, Instagram! However, unless you are really, really good at photography, taking a photo of cars and making it look nice can be somewhat challenging.

We’ve got you covered though! Here are some tips and tricks you can follow to have an Instagram-worthy photo of your car.

The sun is your best friend

Whenever you talk about photography, everyone knows lighting is key and they don’t only work for human, they work for cars too. Taking pictures during sunrise or sunset will actually give you a softer light that will highlight the shape of your car. 

Another important factor is how you place it. Ideally, you want the sunset to be in the picture as well but instead of parking it straight, park it sideways so that you can see more details of your car and its shape.

Use the Grid Lines

If you study photography you will have heard about the rule of third which emphasizes an object in a photo. Thankfully, technology has made things easier for us and almost all smartphones with cameras have the option of using grid lines.

In order to take nice photos, you will want your car to fall on the position where two lines intersect or right in the middle between two parallel lines in the centre. Because a car is usually on the ground (of course), avoid placing the car on the top lines and most importantly, don’t zoom in. A little background doesn’t hurt.

Angle is everything

Image by jimny.lifestyle.fr

A car is like a person (I mean, some of us even have names for our car). Each car has different features, therefore, each car has a different angle that will make it either look like a beast or make it look smaller than it seems (which is good for humans but bad for cars).

You should know your car best, therefore, figure out which feature you want to highlight and play around with the angles until you find the right one. A BMW, for example, is well known for its big grill on the front while the Mercedes SLS is known for its winged-like doors. What is your car known for?

Communicate with your car

Image by adam_as_9

The biggest mistake you can make while taking a picture of your car is to have you (or anyone) in the picture without them really making any contact with the car. This creates confusion in the focus and makes the photo less attractive.

If you want to be in the photo with your car, make sure you communicate with it. You can either sit on the hood; touch the door or even lean on its side. Feel free to be creative with it. A car can generate a feeling of enthusiasm, confidence, excitement and even luxury so make sure you inject those feelings into your picture. 


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