How to Increase Your Fuel Efficiency

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Driving a car has become such a necessity to Malaysians today and let’s face it, us Malaysians love to drive. What we don’t like as much is paying expensive tolls and fuel cost and we might be able to help you with one of them.

Sure there’s nothing we can do about the fuel price but there is always something we can do to increase our fuel efficiency – meaning having our car use less fuel or getting more miles on our fuel and here is how:

Always fill up your tyre pressure

Some of us only fill our tyre pressure when it is clearly flat and that’s where you are wrong. Think of the tyre like our legs. In order for it to take us further, it needs to have the right shoe and strength. When your tyre is performing at lower pressure, the car uses more fuel in order to move your vehicle.

Try pumping your tyre today and watch how much further you can go with the same amount of fuel you have been filling up today.

Don’t miss out on your scheduled service

When a component in your car is not performing at its maximum capacity, other components will have to work extra hard to compensate for that loss. In other words, your car will have to use more fuel in order to perform at its peak performance.

The only way to ensure all the components in your car is operating at its peak performance is to of course to send it for its scheduled service. By doing so, the mechanic will be able to identify any faulty components, fix or replace them as well as clean them.

Avoid staying idle with your engine turned on for too long

If you are staying in KL or any other high traffic area it is quite impossible to not stay idle when you are stuck in traffic. However, when you are not in one, make it a habit to turn off your engine when you are staying idle.

You might think that you’re not moving so you’re not consuming petrol but the truth is it still uses petrol to keep the engine running. So if you’re waiting for your mom to go to the bank? Turn the engine off. New cars even have the option to automatically shut down the engine when it is idle for more than a few seconds. Make use of those.

Fuel up in the morning rather than at night

This might sound like a myth but it is actually just science. In the morning when the temperature is relatively cold, the petrol is still dense therefore you get more fuel injected into your car. As the day progresses, the temperature rises and the petrol expand therefore you are actually getting less fuel than you actually pay for.

The differences are not huge. You might save RM1 or RM2 but a saving is still a saving right? So guess it pays to wake up extra early in the morning.


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