Traffic System and Road Condition: Malaysia vs. other countries

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Have you ever traveled to another country and got surprised by how different their traffic system is? Have you ever wondered why some countries require you to retake your driving test even though you already have a full license in Malaysia?

This is because traffic systems and road conditions differ in a lot of countries. Here are some of the comparison between us and other countries.

Malaysia vs. Australia

In Australia, there are no motorbikes lanes. Instead, motorbikes get the same right as a car. This means, they have to stay behind a car and they can use a full lane instead of riding beside a car on the freeway. This also means that if they want to pass another vehicle, they will have to do so by using the fast lane. Road conditions are also often checked for safety.

In Malaysia, most highways have a lane dedicated to motorbikes. Although it is argued that the road conditions on the bike lanes need a lot of work, Malaysia believes that having a dedicated bike lane will increase the safety for both car drivers and bikers.

Malaysia vs. Japan

Think to pay for an RM4-5 toll is expensive? Well, you will be thankful if you know how much vehicle drivers have to pay to get across a toll in Japan. In the metropolitan area like Tokyo, drivers can expect to anywhere between RM 12 to RM40 for a toll, depending on the size of their car. In other areas like Osaka and Kyoto, you can expect to pay anywhere between RM10 to RM15 a toll – and there are a lot of tolls if you are driving on the highway.

The Malaysian government has been putting efforts into abolishing tolls and minimising its rate albeit still having plenty of tolls around. The abolishment of the toll on the Federal Highway, for example, was a huge relief for most people traveling for work in Kuala Lumpur. At least we still have the luxury to choose between driving or taking public transport.

Malaysia vs United States

If you are thinking about driving in the United States, you might want to study their traffic system because they have a lot of differences in our driving system. To start off, Americans drive on the left side of the road while we drive on the right.

To add to that, there are a lot of other rules that we as Malaysians have never had to deal with. For example, driving with a busted light on your car is considered an offense in America. This means, if one of your lights isn’t working, you can get a ticket. If you drive behind a school bus and its red lights are one, you can’t drive past it.

Malaysia vs Singapore

Of course, we had to compare the Malaysian traffic system to our neighbour, Singapore and we are talking about one thing in particular. To help curb their congestion, Singapore has come up with a system to charge cars for entering the metropolitan area during peak hours and in order to detect


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