How to Stay Awake When You are Feeling Sleepy Behind The Wheels

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Driving has become such an essential part of life that most of us feel like we can do it on autopilot and unless your car has a full autopilot function that allows you to drive with your eyes closed, it is really important that you stay awake when you are behind the wheels.

We know, sometimes it is hard especially when you are driving so early in the morning or when you didn’t get enough sleep so here are some tips that you can follow to stay awake.

Pull Over at an R&R

We would like to say that there are other methods that are more effective to help you stay awake without having to stop driving but the truth is, the safest and surest way to stay awake is to stop driving, take a nap or stretch your body before you get behind the wheels again.
In Malaysia, there are plenty of R&R besides the highway and if you don’t see one, stop at a petrol station. Most of these places offer you bathrooms (some even have a shower area which will surely wake you up), food and coffee as well as a gazebo and parking spots for you to park and shut your eyes. The best way to beat fatigue is to allow your body to rest well.

Roll Down Your Window

Car windows are designed so that we have the option to fresh air or get some quiet when the road is too noisy – noises that you will need if you want to stay awake behind the wheels. Most of the time, it is easier to doze off because you are feeling the comfort from the aircond breeze and the quiet surrounding so, in order to stop yourself from dozing off, you need to eliminate those surroundings.
Turn your ac off, roll down your window and feel some discomfort. The fact that your body is feeling hot and sticky from the sun and your ears are exposed to the sound of honks, cars and motorbikes passing by will surely keep you awake.

Get a Coffee at a Drive-thru

Unless you have a really high tolerance to caffeine, then another way you can stay awake while behind the wheels is by having a good cup of coffee with you to sip every now and again. If you’re not a fan of coffee, try other caffeinated drink like Redbull.
Note that you should only depend on these drinks in case of an emergency situation. It shouldn’t replace your rest and sleep and you should definitely not drink more than 2 cans of Redbull a day.

Have a driving Companion

Carpooling has its own benefit and one of it is so that you have someone to keep you awake. A good companion can help you stay awake by having a good conversation, making sure that you are awake and as a replacement driver if you are really tired.

In conclusion, the tips here are useful when you have no choice but to stay behind the wheel however we highly recommend you to get enough rest before you drive and if you can’t, get the public transportation instead.


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