How to Recognise a Good Car Salesperson

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When you are making a major purchase like buying a car, talking to the right salesperson matters as it can make the difference between getting a great value for money or ending up with a car that will cause you troubles.

There is more to being a good car salesperson than just their ability to sweet talk customers. If you are in the lookout to buy a new car and you are looking for tips to pick the right car salesperson, here are some tips for you.

  • They listen more than they talk

Buying a car isn’t like buying groceries. You don’t want to be sold by sweet talks instead you want a salesperson that understands your lifestyle, your likes, your budget and your needs before recommending the suitable car for you. If they try too hard to highlight the features of a car before understanding what you are looking for, you know you won’t end up with a good purchase.

  • They know their stuff or they are willing to find answers for you

There is more to a car then just its looks. A good salesperson should be able to answer the tough questions or they are willing to make the effort to find out about it. Questions you should be asking includes questions relating to fuel efficiency, warranty and insurance that come with the car, payment plans as well as anything relating to its safety ratings and engines.

  • They are willing to help you with your payment plans

The biggest issue that comes with purchasing a car is finding the right payment plan for you. Unless the dealership has a specific Finance Officer to help you through it, a good salesperson should be willing to help you find the best payment option. Some experienced salesperson will even be able to tell you which banks to go to for the best car loan.

  • They don’t rush you into making a purchase

Have you ever gone car shopping and have a salesperson that is constantly in your face telling you that they have offers that are only going to last today? Or maybe a salesperson that tries really hard to sell you the most expensive car at the dealership even though you are looking for something else? We all hate that person.

Buying a car is a major decision and most people need time to think it through carefully. A good salesperson will be able to respect that. Although sales will affect their pay, they are genuine enough to tell you if an offer lasts today or in a month’s time. A good salesperson would also leave you with a contact number in case you have any follow up questions or if you decide to make a purchase in the future.

Simply put, a good salesperson doesn’t only focus on making quick sales; they focus on building rapport and trust with customers. Their main goal is to provide customers with the best service instead of serving themselves.


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