Simple Tips To Follow When Parking Your Car

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Have you ever avoided parking in tight spaces and risk driving over the block a couple of times just because you are not confident in your parking ability and you don’t want to cause traffic jam from other cars just waiting for you to park correctly? Or maybe you swap places with your partner or your friend because you think they can do it better.

Well, you don’t have to do that anymore. Here are some simple tips you can follow when parking in a tough spot.

  • Make use of your passenger’s seat mirror for parallel parking

Most people are afraid of parallel parking because they can’t gauge the turning space well. An old trick will be to make sure the end of the car behind you can be seen in between the triangular space of your passenger’s window before you fully turn your wheel the opposite side of your parking wheel and backing in.


Newer car has parking assist and for those of you who don’t, use your passenger seat window to gauge when to stop. Look to make sure there is no moving car behind you and back into your car parking slowly until you can see the curb through your side mirror. Then, shift your wheel fully to the opposite site until you are close to the car behind you. Straighten your wheel and drive forward. Voila!

  • Reverse park when you’re in a tight space

Reverse parking might look harder especially to new drivers but it saves you time going out and it’s actually really useful when you have a tight space. The trick to an easy reverse parking is to take your space and angle.


Drive straight pass the parking spot until your rear is parallel to the right line of the parking spot. People who are expert would drive almost sideways and outwards as their rear meets the right line. Then put your car in reverse. Having sensors will definitely help in this situation. You might have to go back and forth a couple of times depending on how tight the space is and how big your car is but do not panic. Take your time and you will get that perfect parking.

  • Avoid tight spaces or park as closely as possible to the curb


Unless you really have too, avoid parking in tight spaces. Not only is it hard but you have a higher chance of getting your car damaged. Other cars might graze onto you or passers-by might accidentally knock your side mirrors off while trying to pass through. If parking in tight spaces is your only option, make sure you fold your side mirrors and park as closely as possible to the wall (if you’re next to one)

  • Avoid parking underneath big trees

If you think parking underneath a big tree is a good idea because it will provide shade, think again. A lot of things can go wrong when you park underneath one. First, branches might fall off and that might scratch your car. Secondly, where there are trees there’s birds and they poop. Now we all know how dangerous bird poops are to cars. Not only does it make your car looks dirty but bird poops also contain chemicals that can damage a car’s paint.


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