Cool hangout spots in Klang Valley that are worth the drive

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Driving in Klang Valley can be somewhat a task – especially when you have to face heavy traffic in a scorching weather. However, we have found a few cool hangout spots that we can guarantee are worth the drive! Plus, it is definitely a place to catch up and have fun with your friends – they’re also instaworthy!

  1. Chase ghosts at Hauntu Malaysia
Image from iHauntu

We know there are a lot of you out there who are thrill seekers and a fan of ghosts and supernatural beings. Well, here’s a chance to experience being haunted in a cooler way – way cooler than the haunted houses at a carnival.

Hauntu Malaysia offers different haunted scenarios for a group of friends between 3-8 people for a price of RM58 each. Located in Jalan Tun Razak in Pudu, we recommend you to carpool as parking is quite hard to find. Plus what better ways to bond before you experience a scary experience together?

Image from The Party Room

We know sometimes hanging out at the Mamak gets a little old so why not try the party room where you get to choose from a tonne of different interactive life-size games to play with your friends? Their price starts from RM30 per person and you can also rent out a private room to say, celebrate your birthday?

The Party Room is located in Atria Shopping Gallery at Damansara Utama so while you’re busy playing games, you can even get your car washed maybe?

  • Be in a Comic Book at 2D Bubble Tea Cafe
Image by Travel Chameleon

Done playing games and need to grab a bite? Why not go for a quick drive to the 2D Bubble Tea Café in Sunway Geo to get a slurp of Bobba. If you think this picture is playing mind tricks on you, well, there’s only one way to find out.

It is literally only a 35-minutes’ drive from the party room however we have to advise you that parking can be a bit tricky so carpooling is definitely the better option. You would also want to bring a friend who actually knows how to take good pictures.

  • Rock Climbing at Batu Caves
Image by Andy Saiden

Not a fan of scary stuff or games? Maybe you and your friends are adventure seekers and that’s cool because this activity is perfect for you. Go for a drive to Batu Caves and instead if climbing the hundreds of colourful stairs to the top, climb the rocks instead!

We do have tell you that the best time to do this is early in the morning though. There’s about 160 climbing routes scattered around this Limestone wander so arriving early is your best shot at actually finding the right routes that compliment your rock climbing level.

  • Catch the Sunrise at Bukit Tabur
Image by S.Y.I.B.L.I

The best thing about driving a car is getting to exotic places like these that are otherwise out of reach. If you head to Bukit Tabur early (before sunrise) and hike your way up to the top, you would be greeted by one of God’s beautiful creation – a picturesque sunrise.

Bukit Tabur is located just outside of Taman Melawati, about 14-minutes’ drive from Zoo Negara. Once you reach the trailhead just park your car and make your way up with your friends. We promise you will thank us.


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