What Happens to Your Car when You don’t Look After It

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A car is a necessity in today’s world. We use it to take us to work, to move things and to get around on a daily basis. It is safe to say that everyone is excited about buying a car but not a lot of people are as excited when it comes to car maintenance. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen, right?

Well here are some possible situations you might face when you don’t look after your car.

  • Stalling Car/Car Break Down

If you drive to work every day surely you have seen a car or two on the emergency lane with its bonnet open – indicating a car break down. Worse, some even face stalled car in the middle of the road during traffic jam, causing an even longer work commute and we secretly hate these situations.

Sure sometimes it happens to the best of us but the number 1 reason for a car break down is actually low car maintenance. When you don’t make sure your car engine is functioning at its best, you risk being stuck on the road without any help and worse – being late for work.

  • Accidents

We are always told that being cautious and focused on the road will prevent accident but do you know that if your car is in bad shape, you are still at a high-risk of getting into an accident no matter how much of a careful driver you are?

Here are some possible situations that may cause an accident due to bad car condition – your signal and/or brake lights don’t function, poor wheel alignment, your tyre burst due to being over-worn or lack of air pressure and your brake doesn’t function. It may seem light to you but something as simple as a non-functioning signal light can cause serious accidents.

  • Spending more money

If you are one of those people who avoid going to the mechanic for you scheduled car services to save on a few hundred Ringgit, then you might want to think again. While you might save a couple hundreds more by not taking it for a service, you might end up paying more in the future.


Here are some situations that can happen in the future that will impact your spending – your car insurance goes up, you end up having to pay for more things like a brand new tyre instead of just paying for a patch up that cost RM5 or air pressure that is FOC, you have to pay for a tow-truck due to a car break down in the middle of nowhere.

  • You have to depend on public transportation or hitch a ride with a friend

When you send your car for a scheduled service, some car service companies offer you a temporary car while your car is being serviced. Otherwise, because it is scheduled, you have the luxury of rearranging your transportation route accordingly.

When something unexpected happens and you can’t use your car, you might be forced to make impromptu decisions such as paying for a Grab ride to work during peak hours which may cost you a hefty amount.


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