Points Not to Be Overlooked When Buying A Car

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Most of the time when buying a car we focus on two things – the price and how it looks. While they are of course important points, there are more to the price and the looks when buying a car. More importantly, some of us save up for years in order to afford one so it is best to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Here are some of the important points you should focus on when buying a car instead of the price and looks:

  • Fuel Efficiency and Mileage

If you are buying a new car, then you don’t really need to worry about mileage because the car would probably have none but if you are buying a second hand car, do have a look at the mileage. Unless you are super good at fixing cars, you don’t want to buy anything that has over 100,000km and if possible, you want it to be in the lower range – as low as possible.

As for fuel efficiency, older cars tend to need more fuel but if you are buying a brand new car, ask the salesperson what the fuel efficiency is at. You don’t want to end up putting most of your salary towards petrol.

  • The type of warranty

Whether you are buying a new car or a second hand car, ask about the warranty that comes with it. Some second hand car might still come with a manufacturer’s warranty or an extended warranty. This is important as warranties can save you a lot of money in case any problems occur to your car in the future.

New cars tend to come with warranty but be careful to always read the fine prints. Most new cars require you to bring them in for scheduled services in order for your warranty to be valid. So while you’re excited to drive away, take notes of the fine prints.

  • Maintenance Cost

Buying a car isn’t like buying a pair of shoes where you can try and decide if it suits you and then walk away with it. Cars are made up of a number of tiny components and machine as well as wear and tear parts that will need some fixing and changing in the future.

Having a Hummer in Malaysia for example might look tempting but will you have enough financial resources for its maintenance fees? The best way to go about it is to look at car reviews, check out the after-care option the manufacturer has to offer or to ask those who have the same car on how much it takes to maintain it.

  • Safety Feature in a Car

Safety Features are often not as obvious as the car design itself so before you buy one, ask the seller on its safety features. The new Myvi for example offers a variety of 4 airbags and 6 airbags with a price difference of a couple of thousands.

Of course, the best case scenario is that we will not have to use these safety features but it is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when driving.

Most new cars today have an abundance of safety features that older cars don’t have such as hill assistance, front and back sensors, parking assist as well as reverse camera. Your job is to figure out which one will you need based on your car usage.


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