Easy Car Maintenance tips you should be doing that will extend your car life

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Easy Car Maintenance tips you should be doing that will extend your car life

To drive a car is a necessity nowadays. As soon as we turn 18, almost every Malaysian is lining up to get their license and getting a car. It’s no doubt that Malaysians love driving but what we don’t quite love is maintaining our car – we just think it’s a mechanic’s job.


What if we tell you there are easy ways to maintain your car without getting greasy and that it will extend your car life as well as save you money in the future? Here are some easy car maintenance tips you should follow:

  • Refill The Air of Your Car Tyre

If you drive daily to work, you should at least check your tyre air once every fortnight. Refilling your car is pretty easy and tyre air refills are often available at the petrol station. To fill your tyre’s air, check out for its correct air pressure which is usually placed on the driver’s door side.

Once you identify the numbers, set the air pump to be at the same level stated. Some cars have different tyre pressure for their front and rear tyres. Once it’s set, simply insert the air pump nozzle into your tyre air nozzle until the air pump makes a sound.

Making sure your car pressure is at the right amount will prevent you from accidents, increase fuel efficiency and also prolong your tyre life.

  • Warm up your car before you start a journey

People often overlook the importance of letting your engine run for a minute before you start driving. When your car is warm it reduces the strain on the engine which in return helps your car perform better at a longer period of time. Accelerating as soon as you start your engine might save you time but it will cost you money in the near future.

  • Wash Your Car Regularly

A car is often exposed to all sorts of dirt and pollution which overtime might damage the body of the car as well as some of its interior – like brake pads. If you leave your car unwashed for too long, you might start seeing some corrosion on its interior and fixing it will cost some money.

If you are not one to pick up a host and sponge, send your car to a car wash that is usually located in a mall’s car park or go through one of those drive-through carwash. Carwash for a sedan starts as cheap as RM10 – that’s the price of a Bubble Tea.

  • Take note of changes in your fuel efficiency

If you think you are paying more for your fuel lately there is only two things that could cause it – either fuel prices are up or something is wrong with your car. If your car is using more fuel for the same destination that you use every day for the last 1 year that means your car is working extra hard to compensate for a broken mechanism in its engine or body. The most common reason for a spike in fuel efficiency is your tyre pressure so if your tyre pressure is correct then it might be time to take your car to the mechanic.


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