10 more places in Klang Valley to recharge plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles

    A joint effort by BMW Group Malaysia, ParkEasy, Shell Malaysia and the Sunway Group


    One of the things that is on the mind of someone who is considering buying a plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) or, in future, an electric vehicle (EV), is where to recharge the battery pack, a task as necessary as refueling a car with a petrol or diesel engine. The owner would likely have a charging point at home where it can be done overnight but what about while driving around? While the range with a fully charged battery pack is getting greater and could last a day’s motoring, there may be occasions when a ‘top-up’ is needed and unlike petrol stations, recharging points are not exactly plentiful at this time.

    BMW Group Malaysia helps grow recharging network
    However, for the past few years, companies like BMW Group Malaysia, which sell increasing numbers of PHEVs, have been helping to grow the network of recharging stations around the country for customers’ convenience and peace of mind.

    “Globally, Malaysia is amongst the world’s most progressive countries in driving the Story of Visionary Mobility further for the BMW Group. This signifies not only a strong demand for electro-mobility in the country but the need for its long-term sustainability,” said Harald Hoelzl, MD of BMW Group Malaysia.”To facilitate this vision, BMW Group Malaysia will continue to expand the accessibility of charging facilities to electrified vehicle drivers nationwide.”

    A BMW 7-Series PHEV with eDrive technology

    10 more recharging stations
    The latest initiative is in partnership with ParkEasy, Shell Malaysia and the Sunway Group which see 5 Reserve + Shell Recharge Bays being installed at the Sunway Pyramid complex as well as 3 in Sunway Pinnacle, in Subang Jaya, Selangor, and 2 in the Sunway Velocity Mall in Kuala Lumpur.

    Starting from July, owners of BMW PHEVs will be entitled to exclusive BMW Privileges at the Reserve + Shell Recharge Bays. They include an e-starter pack for new BMW PHEV owners and an e-gift card to existing BMW PHEV owners for the use of the facilities at the Sunway Group properties. Using the BMWMY promo code, they can also redeem 5 ParkEasy credits for use at the Reserve + Shell Recharge Bays (available till July 31 2019 and limited to 2,000 users).


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