Nissan LEAF NISMO RC previews racing car of the future

    Light, quick and powerful with zero emissions - this is how racing cars of the future will be


    The Nissan LEAF NISMO RC, an electric racing car with more than double the maximum power and torque output of its predecessor, continues to impress motorsports enthusiasts with its performance. Developed by Nissan’s racing arm, NISMO, the purpose-built car demonstrates how Nissan’s electric vehicle technology can deliver exciting yet quiet, zero-emission power – a key component of the company’s Nissan Intelligent Mobility vision.

    The model is equipped with advanced battery technology and drivetrain components from the Nissan LEAF, the world’s best-selling electric car. Nissan has built 6 units of the LEAF NISMO RC to deploy around the world to demonstrate Nissan’s advanced technology. It will be the first all-electric car to take to the track in a North American motorsport series this weekend during the Nissan Micra Cup event in Canada.

    The latest LEAF EV

    Technology from the latest LEAF
    Powering the all-new Nissan LEAF NISMO RC are two electric motors at opposite ends of the chassis. The motors produce a total of 322 bhp/640 Nm and the drivetrain technology is sourced from the latest LEAF production model including the high-capacity lithium-ion battery and inverters.

    A new all-wheel-drive system gives the LEAF NISMO RC outstanding cornering prowess. Power is managed independently to each axle, instantly supplying torque to the tire with the most grip to let the car manoeuvre quickly and efficiently around the track.

    Similar to the previous model, chassis weight balance has been optimized by the midship location of the battery pack, with the electric motors and inverters ideally placed over the front and rear tyres.

    50% quicker than predecessor
    The LEAF NISMO RC features a multitude of lightweight components and a full carbonfibre racing monocoque structure, allowing it to weigh just 1,220 kgs. The power-to-weight ratio gives it a claimed 0 to 100 km/h capability of 3.4 seconds – 50% quicker than the previous model.

    While the exterior of the all-new Nissan LEAF NISMO RC is spiritually based on the original LEAF NISMO RC, it sports a more aggressive exterior. A long bonnet and Nissan’s signature V-motion grille highlight the totally restyled front end. The distinctive silver and black paint scheme with NISMO red accents – similar to the Nissan Formula E car – make the LEAF NISMO RC seem like it’s in constant motion, even when sitting still at the starting line.

    The car’s three-piece bodywork includes removable front and rear sections, fixed windows, LED headlights and tail lights, and an adjustable rear wing for ideal downforce on the tarmac. The model is slightly longer than its predecessor, with an overall length of 4546 mm and a wheelbase that measures 2750 mm. It sits wide and low to the ground, the roofline only 1212 mm from the road.


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