Michelin’s road safety campaign is on again

    Free tyre checks so your motoring will be safer, especially if you are going long distances

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    Michelin is one again running their annual road safety campaign – Michelin Safe on The Road (MSoR) – in Malaysia to further drive their commitment on mobility safety. The campaign aims at highlighting the importance of tyre maintenance and periodic checks as part of good road safety practices.

    For the entire month of May, Michelin experts and staff will be conducting thorough assessments on tyre conditions for the public at various locations throughout Malaysia. The campaign began last week and will cover locations (mainly Tesco shopping centres and Petrol stations) in the Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Penang, Melaka and Perak before ending on May 29, 2019.

    Company’s societal commitment
    “Safety is synonymous with Michelin. This is an important aspect of our societal commitment, whether by providing tyres with uncompromising quality or relentlessly initiating road safety programmes. Malaysia recorded its highest number of road accidents ever last year and this urgently calls for a greater road safety awareness. As the festive season approaches, the Michelin Truck will go from place to place to remind the public that tyres, being the first line of defence on the road, are key to ensuring their own safety during their journey,” said Michelin Malaysia’s Commercial Director for B2B, Muhammad Arya Subrata.

    Education is a vital part
    It is common knowledge that accidents on the road occur due to reckless driving but more often than not, it is also due to a lack of maintenance which can lead to failure of a system or part. Tyres are one of the most critical safety parts of a vehicle as they provide grip as well as braking. As part of the MSOR Truck Roadshow, in-truck road safety education will be provided as well as complimentary tyre checks including air pressure, tread wear and overall tyre condition.

    Michelin consultants will evaluate the condition of the tyres on vehicles and provide valuable advice on how to prolong the lifespan of the tyres. Participating motorists will also receive car service vouchers with a free Petron card worth RM50 when they utilise services at a Michelin Expert Centre.


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