Mitsubishi L200 eSports Concept truck

    How to create a gaming zone in a Triton

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    Earlier this year, Mitsubishi Motors in the UK invited its dealers to participate in the ‘Truck King Battle’. It was not a battle where vehicles were driven against each other but a creative competition to design their dream L200 (the name for the Triton in that market).

    The five best designs turned into realistic renderings which were then posted across Mitsubishi Motors in the UK’s social media channels. The winning truck was the one with the highest engagement levels and it was the L200 ‘eSports Concept’ designed by Joanne Tulloch, Sales Administrator at a dealership in Exeter, England.

    L200 eSports concept
    The L200 eSports concept received a number of major modifications including a high-roof gaming zone which houses large screens, gaming equipment and related equipment, along with bespoke seating and lighting, a refreshment bar and high-power audio system. The vehicle is also equipped with chunky off-road wheels and tyres along with numerous other exterior finishing touches.

    Ms Tulloch said the design was inspired by her husband and family, all of whom are gamers so it reflects their requirements and ideas.

    The winning design will now form the basis for a one-off show truck, to be displayed at the Commercial Vehicle Show NEC in Birmingham at the end of April.

    ABSOLUTE Beyond Tough
    While the winning truck used the previous L200 generation as the basis, Mitsubishi Motors will soon be showing a special show truck based on the latest Triton. Referred to as ABSOLUTE Beyond Tough, the show truck will be unveiled at the 2019 Bangkok International Motor Show this coming Tuesday. Here’s a teaser image of it….

    The latest Triton now on sale in Malaysia

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