Another 7 sen added to RON97 petrol price

    It goes past RM2.60 this week...

    Reading Time: 2 minutes

    It seems like motorists who use RON97 petrol will have to endure the constantly increasing prices. It’s probably no consolation that this coming week’s increase is 1 sen lower than the increase before, taking the price per litre to RM2.61. This is almost similar to the price in early June last year before there was a gradual decline.

    If you use RON95 petrol or diesel, then you enjoy unchanged pricing as the government is offsetting increases with subsidies. It has agreed to maintain the prices at RM2.08 and RM2.18 per litre, respectively, for RON95 petrol and diesel.

    However, just so you know how much is being offset, the Finance Ministry also includes what the actual pricing should be (based on the Automatic Pricing Mechanism used to calculate weekly retail prices). For the period March 23 to 29, the prices should be RM2.31 and RM2.38 per litre, respectively. 10 sen is added per litre for the cleaner Euro5 grade of diesel.


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