More pain for RON97 petrol users

    Another 8 sen up after midnight today

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    Motorists who have to or prefer to use RON97 petrol will be groaning again as the price of their fuel will go up another 8 sen after midnight today. From tomorrow till March 22, it will cost RM2.54 a litre. The price of RON97 petrol had started the year at RM2.50 a litre and has fluctuated with a steady upwards trend in the past month.

    RON95 petrol and diesel continue to be maintained at RM2.08 a litre and RM2.18 a litre, respectively, and will remain at this level till the middle of the year. The latest statement from the Finance Ministry says that, based on the calculation under the APM formula, the retail price of RON95 and diesel products should really be RM2.24 per litre and RM2.37 per litre. Subsidies are being used to maintain the prices at the levels promised.

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