Citroen’s vision of future urban mobility

    No licence will be needed to drive this car - but will that be allowed in Malaysia?

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    The Ami One Concept by Citroen is a disruptive all-electric ‘object’ that places digital technology at the heart of a new urban mobility experience, offering more freedom and peace of mind. It is conceived as a response to new customer behaviours and the challenges of energy transition in the city.

    Significantly, Citroen envisions this car being used by anyone 16 years or older – without a driving licence. Of course, that’s going to depend on the laws applicable in each country and it is unlikely that will be allowed in Malaysia.

    The Ami One Concept is accompanied by an innovative global digital ecosystem which re-imagines the customer journey and offers customers ‘on demand’ usage from 5 minutes to 5 years, spanning car-sharing, rental and purchase.

    The ultra-compact (2.5 metres long) two-seater car is a ‘100% electric urban mobility solution’. It will provide personal mobility in future when travel could be restricted within cities, with only vehicles that have zero emissions being allowed to be used.

    Its top speed is said to be 45 km/h and a fully charged lithium-ion battery pack could give 100 kms of travel range. Despite its silent operation, the 425-kg Ami One Concept will still have a ‘sound signature’. The sounds emitted reflect all of its personality, an original soundtrack mixing male and female voices, worlds away from the digital cliché of the ‘robot’.

    Style has been key to the image of the Citroen brand for 100 years and the Ami One Concept upholds this. It introduces new possibilities through its symmetrical parts, like identical doors on both sides; identical bumpers; identical wings on both the front and rear; identical panels on the right and left; reversible Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) and rear lights on the left and right.

    Another distinctive feature of the urban mobility object is its open-top design. The opening canvas roof lets light in and is easy to use. Sliding and folding with a single movement, the hood is closed using a blue strap and a push button.

    Ami One Concept is as original inside as it is outside. The cabin’s next-generation design confirms the inspiration from other sectors, promising an eminently comfortable urban drive. The cabin is spacious and strong on functionality. Storage space is available around the cabin, thanks to the concept car’s innovative architecture.

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